Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hansabanka social program

After posting strong results for 2005 (again), Hansabank has obviously decided to put some money back to society and has taken on a social program for reducing unemployment in Latvia.
Recently a friend of mine received a following e-mail:
"We would like to inform you that you have not performed your obligations toward Hansabanka. You have debt of your student loan is: 0,05 LVL to 20.02.2006."
My friend replied: "Are you serious?"
Hansabanka "Is not a joke. You have not enough money for last payment."

Yesterday, the same bank official called me to point-out that i also have a debt of 1,45 USD. Although i fully understand the importance of fulfilling one's obligation in a timely manner, i still wonder what is the Economic Value Added of the particular employee.

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Kristi said...

Don't worry, Hansabank will never beat Americans. In a Social Security Administration office in DC there is a lady that takes the queuing tickets from the machine and hands them to customers.