Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Estonian theater still lives

After two excruciating experiences with Estonian theater i was already thinking that theater is not for me. Luckily, last week, my friend Madis took me to see Martin McDonagh's play "Pillowman" in No99. I must say that i was extremely positively surprised.
Firstly, McDonagh's text surprised me by well combining a thrilling storyline with fatalistic philosophy. It is not often that after seeing a play, i become interested in reading the script, but McDonagh is definetely a writer i want to read more.
The director, Tiit Ojasoo, had nearly no scenery for the performance. Only a table and two chairs. That allowed for more intense focus on the actors and amplified the moments of darkness used to cut the scenes.
The four actors, Tambet Tuisk, Rein Oja, Andres Mähar, and Sergo Vares were also excellent in their roles making the feeling of fear and hoplesness nearly palpable.

The play is an absolut must see and McDonagh a writer to read. I also look forward to any further suggestions to excellent plays.

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