Thursday, April 06, 2006

You just don't do that

BBC reports:
Hamas officials say Israeli police have detained a cabinet minister from the new Hamas-led Palestinian government. Khaled Abu Arafa, minister of Jerusalem affairs, was arrested on the outskirts of East Jerusalem, the officials said.
The French news agency AFP says Mr Arafa was detained at a checkpoint at the entrance to al-Azaria, a suburb of East Jerusalem.

In a democratic world you don't just arrest other countries democratically elected leaders. What kind of peace or co-operation can Isreal expect from people whose choices it doesn't accept and whose right for self-determination it violates?!
The world denounces Palestine and cuts its aid because Hamas rejects Isreal's legitimacy, but doesnt Isreal do the same about Palestine? It was a good step to pull out from Gaza, but pretty pointless if the government is not even given an opportunity to set up a functional state.

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