Friday, February 29, 2008

Russian movie

Couple of days ago i watched a google movie about Russia:

It describes many cases of the abuse of the power of oligarchs and regional leaders, racism, poverty etc. I think the movie does not describe the situation in Russia as a whole, but rather about five or six stories in different regions. I don't think that Russia is a country on the verge of collapse, but rather shows the problems of many developing countries. But it clearly depicts a disillusioned nation, where many extremist trends surface. And it is a very well done movie.
The movie is called "A death of a nation". I think that is not true. Mostly, the decrease of population is due to a fall in life expectancy and birth rate. The first caused largely by the shocks of change in social and economic order. The latter can largely be attributed to women postponing giving birth to their first child. Example from Estonia shows that these trends do turn around in time.
A powerful film nevertheless, i think it's worthwhile to watch this movie.
Thanks for Ivan vs Jaan for the link.

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