Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lucas bashes Putin

If there still is somebody who reads my blog, but doesn't read Edward Lucas's, i really suggest you to read his latest article in Daily Mail. When in The Economist Edward is usually confined to balanced reporting and cool-headed analysis, in the Daily Mail he has taken a somewhat more emotional approach and really hits Putin hard:
"We have seen nuclear terrorism on the streets of London./.../
They killed a UK citizen and endangered dozens more./.../
If the skull and crossbones were flying over the Kremlin, it could
hardly be clearer: Russia under Vladimir Putin is a pirate state that
unashamedly flaunts its contempt for the law./.../
It is no exaggeration to say that the FSB runs Russia: its former chief, Mr Putin, is the president."

But he does not spare his own homeland either:
"Britain's first step should be the expulsion of not just a symbolic few, but every one of the dozens of FSB operatives here./.../
We should stop giving Russia's rulers visas to come here./.../
They enjoy the spoils of power at home while they invest in Britain,
their wives shop here, and their children go to our finest private
schools. They must realise that welcome is cancelled for accomplices in
Tony Blair had just warned British firms about the political risks of
Russia. Yet scandalously, our captains of industry toed the Kremlin
line, that Mr Blair's warning was the "emotional outburst of an
ex-prime minister".
Not since British trades unionists went to the Kremlin in the 1980s to
praise the peace-loving Soviet leadership and denounce the
"war-mongers" Thatcher and Reagan have I felt more ashamed."

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