Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Companiest that have to be closed down - Chrysler, Estonian Air

Chrysler - for having the following opening text on its website: "It's not a bailout to keep us from failing. It's a loan to help us succeed"
Estonian Air - for running radio ads that people should fly Estonian Air, because otherwise we lose to the Latvians and have to go to Europe by bus.

These companies have somehow gotten the capitalism very wrong and deserve to be shut down. Their appeal to people to bail them out is irrational, arrogant and pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you just have to buy yourself some sense of humor? And the companies can continue?

Lauri said...

Living in Tartu I already "travel to Europe" by bus. Roughly the same distance either to the north or to the south - who cares really.

Unfortunatley it seems that Estonian Air is hoping to use the sense of rivalry and relying on some pseudo-patriotism. At the same time AirBaltic is running ads which empahasize friendship. Insignificant detail but still quite illustrative.

I like AirBaltic ads better but more importantly I like AirBaltic's positioning vision better. I checked my last 12 month's fly count and it's shows the same :)

AirBaltic : 7
Estonian Air : 1
FlyLAL : 1