Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Has there ever been a real-estate boom in Estonia?

On May 22nd Economist wrote that Spain has built more than 4 million dwellings during last 10 years. That makes 88 new dwellings per 1000 inhabitants. In Estonia, 26 000 new dwellings were built during 1998-2007 (28% of them in 2007). That makes only 19 dwellings per 1000 inhabitants. If you look at it that way, there has never been an oversupply of real-estate here.
Then again, the population of Spain has grown by 5,7 million inhabitants over the same period whereas Estonia's has fallen by 52 000. Considering that on average there are (roughly) two inhabitants per dwelling in Europe, 2,85 million new dwellings were needed to accommodate the new Spaniards, so only 1,15m new dwellings were constructed to improve the housing stock. That amounts to 25 new dwellings per 1000 inhabitants.
In Estonia, by the same calculation 26 000 dwellings were vacated, so 52 000 new free dwellings came to the market during last decade - that is 39 per 1000 inhabitants. So go figure who had more of a construction boom.

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