Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tallinn lost 400 million EEK in a court case

There were some discussion a little while ago that Tallinn plans to borrow 1 billion kroons (ca. €64m) without even having specific plans what to do with the money. Well, today Baltic Business News reports that:
in March the Supreme Court ruled that the City of Tallinn must revise 125 cases concerning former property of so-called Umsiedlers who owned property in Tallinn before World War II, but left it behind when they went to live in Germany. In all these 125 cases the City decided that the pre-war owner had no right to claim the property or compensation.
Most of the property in question is apartments and houses in attractive areas, mainly in central Tallinn or even Tallinn Old Town.
The issue is very contraversial, and i probably tend to side with the Tallinn City in this argument. But this is a longer story.
What is currently more interesting, however, is that the 125 cases may easily amount to some 10 000 m2 of prime real estate, which could be valued at some 400 million EEK (€26m) in total. Well that is quite an expense for the capital city (ca. 7% of 2008 budget) and quite an outflow of funds from Estonia. That is also more than half of the amount Estonia had to pay as the infamous "sugar fine".

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